Friday, March 16, 2012

Day one - Welcome to Poker Mates

I will be looking at the world of online poker, playing and commenting on my experiences. Hopefully finding some new friends, and picking up tips along the way. I already play on a number of sites, with varying degrees of success.
I am not going to kick off by knocking anyone as that could be counter productive, but suffice it to say, some are more player friendly than others, and I do tend towards those. As with anything in life, to get good, you have to put in the hours of practice, and I have been doing just that.
Later, after I have had a chance to speak to the relevant sites, I will list all the ones I play on, and give my feedback on them.
I have not created an "add friend" post yet, that will be done pronto, but please leave me a message to say you have been here. Keep them clean
Ok, back to creating  the page, talk soon, and welcome to you.


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  1. Let me know you have been here, take a second to leave a comment or contact details.